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EXCLUSIVE! More Mel Bombshells! Our Forensic Expert Tells Us Mel's Sixth Tape Has Been Doctored!

Wed, July 21, 2010 8:00pm EDT by Chloe Melas Add first Comment
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Our forensic expert reveals the latest Mel tape contains a lot of suspicious activity — and not just editing!

The Mel Gibson drama continues! first broke the news July 14 that the recordings of Mel’s abusive and racist rants had been tampered with. And now we can officially tell you that the most recent rant, released July 20, in which Mel admits to hitting his daugher Lucia and screaming “No one will believe you!” are edited as well. Creative Forensic Services CEO Arlo West, best known for working on the Natalee Holloway case, listened to the recently leaked recording between Mel and Oksana Girgorieva and found some shocking revelations!

“First off, all the tape starts mid-conversation,” says Arlo. “This could be considered suspicious in forensic terms. It is a partial recording so whatever is preceding has either been removed, edited or was never recorded.”

In one portion of the recording Arlo detects a sneeze that sounds like it could be from someone other than Mel or Oksana:


This is just one of the six things that Arlo found to be very “disturbing.” Below, we’ve listed what else Arlo discovered when listening to the most recent raving Mel rant:

  • 00:00:02.530 “When the male speaker says: ‘You’re out of here in 15 minutes [possible edit or digital glitch] I never seen you clear out so fast.’ This doesn’t sound right. It sounds very suspicious.”
  • 00:00:15.557 “I hear what sounds very much like a sneeze. This could be from the person helping to make the recording? It sounds like it was picked up by the large diaphragm microphone she was using. It is possible it could be her making a noise or something similar sounding. However she recovers very quickly and is speaking almost over the sneeze sound. It is curious because if it is a sneeze and it is not her or not the same frequency as the male speaker then what or who does that sound come from?”
  • 00:00:41.470 “You hear the male speaker’s voice drop in volume. This could very well be a fade or volume adjustment. It could also be that he is turning his mouth away from the phone.”
  • 00:02:56.100 “I hear something interesting. After the words by the male speaker (‘I said nothing’) I hear a faint whistling sound. It could be like when someone is on the phone and needs a pen and does a low whistle to another person for attention. Like, ‘Yoohoo pass the pen!’ It’s not positive but sure sounds like it. Listen carefully.”


  • 00:04:40.961 “The male says, ‘Much better / than f***king music!’ The word ‘better’ sounds like it was clipped or maybe he ran out of breath and couldn’t finish the word.”
  • The tape starts mid-conversation. As I have said before, like in the other calls, this could be considered suspicious in forensic terms. It is a partial recording. What is preceding has either been redacted, edited or was never recorded. The original would answer a lot of these questions.


— Chloe Melas

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