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Listen Up Twi-Hards! 'Vampires Suck' Star Jenn Proske Says: 'I'm Team Edward All The Way!'

Tue, July 20, 2010 3:33pm EDT by HL Intern 1 Comment


Move over Kristen Stewart, there’s a brand new Bella! We spoke with Jenn Proske, who plays Becca in the Twilight parody film Vampires Suck (from the same director that brought you Scary Movie), and she reveals several secrets from the film and why she’s Team Edward!

Jenn Proske may be starring in the new Twilight spoof Vampires Suck, but she still has strong feelings on Jacob and Edward! “I’m team Edward,” the young actress reveals. “I kind of feel a little bit of pressure to be Team Edward because I play Becca, the Bella character. Plus, Matt Lanter [Edward] looks good on set!” We can totally agree with that!

The 22-year-old moved to LA straight after graduating from Boston University in 2009, hoping to launch a career on the big screen. After no time at all she landed the main role in Vampires Suck – what a way to start your career Jenn!

“I originally got called in for Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene‘s character in Twilight), her name is Iris in our movie, but I knew I wasn’t quite right for that,” says Jenn. “I knew I felt the Kristen Stewart role more. I had to go in  7 or 8 times!”

Even though she’s about to become a household name Jenn is making sure to stay grounded!

“I’m so close with my family and friends … everyone is so supportive,” she tells us. “I have no reason to have my head in the clouds.”

We couldn’t help but ask if there were any sparks between Jenn and Matt, just like their real Twilight counterparts K-Stew and R-Patz. “We hang out all the time but we’re just friends,” she says coyly. “Matt was amazing … I had never been on camera before and I was nervous that whoever I was working with would judge me. He was so willing to teach me tips and was so friendly.”

Even if you’re a Twi-lover or a Twi-hater, Jenn says there’s something for everyone in this movie!

“Everything is done in a very funny way and I think it’s hysterical!”

We can’t wait to see the movie!

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