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Did Oksana Really Get Punched In The Mouth? Her Own Dentists Says No, But …

Sat, July 17, 2010 10:21am EDT by Add first Comment

Oksana has claimed multiple times that Mel punched her in the mouth on Jan. 6. Now that the pic that was taken within 24 hours of the incident  of Oksana’s face has been released, we’ve gone to our own dentists for their opinions!

Oksana Grigorieva may be completely lying about what happened on Jan. 6 when she claimed that her ex Mel Gibson punched her in the month. Not only does her very own dentist, Dr. Ross Sheldon, say that she was not hit directly in her mouth, but we went to our very own dental experts for their opinions and they agree … She did get hit, but not in the mouth!

“It doesn’t look as she was claiming that it was consisted with being punched directly in the mouth,” says Dr. Jennifer Jablow, celebrity cosmetic dentist in NYC. “But, I wouldn’t discount the fact of being blown to the side of the face and as a result biting down into her lower lip and biting down so hard that it would dislodge teeth.”

Dr. Ramin Tabib from NYC Smile Design agrees that there was no contact with the mouth. Maybe it was “an upward hit to the chin,” he explains. “That may have not been hard enough to leave a bruise, but caught her off guard and made her front teeth slam together and cause a laminate to break or come off.”

“This is more consistent with the damage to her front teeth than a blow to her temple” as Oksana’s own doctor claims is what most likely happened, says Dr. Tabib. (Dr. Sheldon’s charts read that he believes that Mel punched her in the temple causing two bite marks on the “inside of the lower lip,” reports TMZ. He also said there was no swelling or bruising that would suggest a punch to the mouth , but more so a “chain reaction” from a blow on the upper part of her head.)

“If he hit her even on the side of the head and her lower jaw slammed into her upper jaw that would make her veneer fly off. It would take a lot of force for that to happen,” confirms Dr. Jablow. “Her lip does look swollen. Her lower jaw probably jammed into her upper and as a result, the force was so hard that the veneer itself completely came off andd the other tooth chipped.”

Click here to see the photo taken of Oksana within 24 hours of the Jan. 6 episode. What do you think really happened that night in Mel’s Malibu mansion? Comment below!

– Lindsey DiMattina, reporting by Spencer Cain.