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OMG! Vienna Girardi Asked Her Ex-Boyfriend To Marry Her Just Two Weeks Before Going On 'The Bachelor!'

Fri, July 16, 2010 9:45am EDT by 3 Comments

If Vienna already found love and was about to get engaged before going on The Bachelor, she obviously didn’t go on the show for the right reasons!

Who would have guessed that just two weeks before going on The Bachelor, Vienna Girardi was about to get married to another man? Well, that was exactly her plan prior to meeting Jake Pavelka. “She asked to marry me two weeks before she went on the show,” Vienna’s ex-boyfriend Brian Lee Smith tells RadarOnline. “She asked me to put a ring on her finger.”

Vienna, who had been with Brian for four years, was even living with him just a week before going on the show. “I loved her and I didn’t want her to miss out on the opportunity to be on The Bachelor,” Brian says. “But, I didn’t think she would win.”

“I thought that she would make a little bit of money and have a couple of TV appearances, but she is so manipulative and amazing at what she does —  she won,” he says. “I should have known!”

Even though Vienna won the final rose and got engaged to Jake, she remained in communication with her ex through email. Brian says she even slept with him just 10 days before her big break-up with Jake! “We were in my truck hooking up [and] her shirt was off,” Brian claims.

For Vienna, it seems to be all about getting what she wants out of the men in her life.  “One day she says she wants to come home and get married and have children,” Brian says. “The next day she’s getting paid to go to a pool party and has no interested in leaving Hollywood.”

— Lindsey DiMattina

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