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Oksana Grigorieva's Shocking Post-Attack Photo Revealed! But Her Dentist Doesn't Think She Was Hit In The Mouth!

Fri, July 16, 2010 10:50am EDT by 7 Comments

See the brutal photo of Oksana’s mangled face for the first time!

We’ve all heard Oksana Grigorieva‘s claims that Mel Gibson attacked her Jan. 6, leaving her with a concussion and broken teeth, but we haven’t had photographic evidence — until now. just published the shocking photo of Mel’s baby mama with chipped teeth and a clearly swollen face, allegedly caused by abusive Mel in a fit of rage. “Oksana lost a veneer and the right front tooth was severely chipped.” says a source close to the Oksana-Mel investigation.

But Oksana’s dentist, Dr. Ross Shelden, apparently doesn’t believe the disturbing injuries in the photo were caused by a punch to the mouth! Sources close to the dentist tell TMZ: “Dr. Shelden believes Oksana was struck in the left temple, which caused her to bite down so hard, one veneer was completely knocked out and another was damaged. The [medical] charts reflect that Oksana’s teeth were fully intact.”

Oksana originally told police that her teeth were damaged when Mel punched her in mouth Jan. 6. And while Dr. Shelden’s opinion is suspicious, Mel’s alleged attack is still yet to be proven. Whether or not Oksana’s injuries were in fact caused by Mel, it’s almost certain she will try to use the photo as evidence in court.


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