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The Secrets Spilled Out This Week On 'Pretty Little Liars!' Are Jenna & Toby BOTH The Mysterious 'A?'

Wed, July 7, 2010 4:26pm EDT by HL Intern Add first Comment

This week’s Liars left us with the best cliffhanger yet, and the mysterious “A” stepped up his/her deadly game of cat-and-mouse with radio shout-outs and personal letters.

When we last left Hanna (Ashley Benson), Emily (Shay Mitchell), Spencer (Troian Avery Bellisino) and Aria (Lucy Hale), they were shell-shocked after reading a cryptic message left on Spencer’s bedroom mirror. This meant that “A” had actually been IN Spencer’s house! Scary, right?

Aside from dealing with all the “A” drama, the girls had to cope with their own personal issues at home. Since the reveal of her father’s past affair, Aria finally got the chance to talk with her mom, Ella (Holly Marie Combs.) But her attempt to clear her conscious did more harm than good, as her dad (Chad Lowe) didn’t exactly divulge ALL the details about his secret tryst with then-student Meredith (Amber Borycki). As Aria’s home life continues its downward spiral, she thinks having Mr. Fitz (Ian Harding) to lean on will make everything better, but “A” even finds a way to meddle in that relationship, too!

Unlike Aria, Spencer seems to be getting along better with her demanding dad. After hearing the news about “her” award-winning essay, he’s totally proud — unaware of the fact that it was actually written by his other daughter, Melissa (Torrey DeVitto), in 2004! Pushed to the brink to by her father, Spencer finally snaps and comes clean about stealing the essay, leaving him speechless.

While Spencer and Aria’s problems continue to escalate at home, Hanna’s life gets a drastic makeover! To pay for the repairs on her boyfriend Shawn’s car, Hanna stars working for his mom at a dentist’s office. Already anxious about her first day at a new job, her nerves are thrown into overdrive when Jenna (Tammin Sursok) enters the SAME elevator and sports the SAME shade of lip stick that “A” used to write the message! Are Jenna and her brother Toby (Keegan Allen) working together against the girls?

Let’s hope not, because Emily continues to grow closer to Toby, bonding over their similar taste in music. After admiring his drawings and dishing on their favorite bands in chemistry class, Toby decides to take their “friendship” one step further by burning a personalized mix CD for her, even sketching her on the front cover. Emily returns the favor later on with a tape of her favorite songs, hoping he’ll like them too! As Emily and Toby’s friendship steadily turns into something more, is she totally forgetting the feelings she has for her next-door neighbor Maya (Bianca Lawson)?

Next week is the big Homecoming dance and who knows what “A” has in store! BFFs, what did you think of Pretty Little Liars this week? If you missed it, be sure to watch it right here!

— Jennifer Murray & Jaclyn Hendricks

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