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'The Real World: New Orleans' Premieres TONIGHT On MTV! Trust Me, You'll Be HOOKED!

Wed, June 30, 2010 5:32pm EDT by 4 Comments

I’ve seen the first episode, and it’s full of everything die-hard Real World fans love: drama, fighting and DRINKING!

Like an old friend who drops by every so often just to say “hi,” MTV’s The Real World returns tonight (June 30) for the premiere of its 24th season. And while the series has become pretty formulaic after two dozen seasons, it’s still shaping up to be a pretty wild ride. I already introduced you to the cast of eight strangers, so now let’s take a peek into the shenanigans these kids will be up to for the next few months.

Once again we get a good mix of token characters. There’s the jock (Knight), the player (Eric), the gay guy (Preston), the southern chick (Jemmye), the party girl (McKenzie), the troublemaker (Ryan), the reformed conservative (Sahar) and the good girl ready to go wild (Ashlee.) And even though the cast appears to consist of the usual suspects, you’ll definitely be surprised to see who causes the most drama in the house.

The tension begins the moment all eight roommates arrive at the house in New Orleans. The crew splits into pairs to decide who will be staying in each room — and no one wants to share a room with Knight!

I spoke with Knight last week about the incident, and he told me he tried not to let it bother him too much. “I’ve got kind of a stoner mentality,” he told me. “For me, it’s like — why sweat the small stuff? Why are we worrying about this?”

Yes, Knight just wanted everyone to be happy and get along… but he promises his good-guy image will NOT carry through for the entire season. I’m actually looking forward to seeing him get into trouble!

The tension in the first episode intensifies when the roommates (yes, you guessed it) start drinking! Ryan tries to play protector for lightweight McKenzie by cutting her off at the bar — and let’s just say things don’t end well. She’s not nearly as into him as he is into her, and as we all know, it’s NOT attractive when someone is obviously trying too hard to get with you.

But the real fireworks come with the first big fight of the season after the roommates leave the bar. Without giving too much away, you’ll probably hate Ryan as much as I do after watching the first episode.

I’ll be back tomorrow once we’ve all seen the first episode to give my complete reaction, and I can’t wait to hear what YOU think!

— Andy Swift


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