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Bonnie Says: Jake's A Love Masochist! He Was Warned That Vienna Was Trouble & Still Chose Her!

Wed, June 23, 2010 3:10pm EDT by 5 Comments

If Jake is hurt and humiliated by Vienna publicly dissing him in a major magazine cover tell-all, then he only has himself to blame.

From the very start of his stint as The Bachelor, he was attracted to the romantically aggressive blonde 24-year-old. He liked that she kissed HIM and patted his butt.

He wasn’t deterred by the fact none of the other bachelorettes liked her and that they appeared to view her as a fame hog.

What should have been a HUGE concern for Jake Pavelka was Vienna Girardi‘s extremely questionable romantic history. She had a fiancée at 19 that she broke up with. She eloped with U.S. Marine Josh Riley, but while he was deployed to Iraq, she emptied $5,000 from their bank account to pay for breast implants (something she denies) — and she had a fling, according to Us Weekly sources, with an Ultimate Fighting Championship referee.

All of this should have been a GIGANTIC red flag for Jake. The fact that he chose a woman who had treated her first husband so despicably can only mean one thing: Jake wanted to be treated badly, too! People don’t change their stripes.

Add to this the fact that Vienna’s chief accomplishments were being a Hooter’s waitress and modeling nude except for a strategically placed scarf, and you have a man who clearly wanted to marry a girl who saw him as her ticket into bigger spotlight.

Jake, you’re either a totally dumb sucker or you’re a romantic masochist to the nth degree.

Now, watch Bachelor expert, Lindsey DiMattina, debate who’s more villainous in this split: Jake or Vienna?

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–Bonnie Fuller

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