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OMG! I Think Jenna Is Totally The Mysterious Texter On 'Pretty Little Liars!' Who Do YOU Think It Is?

Wed, June 16, 2010 3:25pm EDT by HL Intern 4 Comments
Courtesy of ABC Family

Courtesy of ABC Family

Hollywoodlifers, if you aren’t watching ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars, you’re missing out! It’s a little bit Gossip Girl, a tad Melrose Place 2.0 and a whole lot of drama!

Last week’s premiere showed the four main girls reeling over BFF Alison’s disappearance, now considered a murder — but this week, the main drama wasn’t about Alison’s murder. It was about ANOTHER secret the girls are desperately trying to keep from their families, friends and, most importantly, the police.

This secret revolves around the incident known simply as “the Jenna thing.” Though the girls don’t verbally dwell on what “the Jenna thing” is exactly, it’s made clear through a flashback that ringleader Alison orchestrated the event. What began as a harmless prank to get back at a peeping tom turned into a tragic accident that left Jenna blind!

Wherever the four little liars went on last night’s episode, Jenna was never far behind — from creepily showing up at the SAME restaurant that the girls were at after Ali’s funeral, to sitting with them during lunchtime! Could it be that maybe Jenna knows who blinded her and wants to make the girls feel guilty and confess? Is Jenna the mysterious “A” who keeps texting them? Within the shows final moments, Jenna is spotted on a park bench by Spencer, who is ordering her phone to send a text message, quite possibly to the girls.

Despite the now “Jenna” problem, the girls are struggling to keep their own secrets and hold their lives together. Aria (Lucy Hale) is continuing her adulterous affair with her hot young English teacher, Mr. Fitz.  “A” catches onto Aria’s dirty little secret and reminds her in a text “when a student kisses her teacher, someone always gets hurt.” Meanwhile, Emily (Shay Mitchell) is confused about who she wants to be with. Will she hold onto her longtime boyfriend Ben, or will she explore another side of herself by starting a new romance with her neighbor Mya (Bianca Lawson of The Vampire Diaries.)

The events leading up to Alison’s murder, as well as Jenna’s true intentions, have yet to be revealed, so I know I’LL be tuning in next week to see what lies and secrets will unravel. Will YOU?

Plus, tell me… who do YOU think the mysterious “A” is?

— Jaclyn Hendricks


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