Ali, What Are You Thinking — Why Would You Give Crazy Kasey Another Rose On ‘The Bachelorette?’

Courtesy of ABC
Courtesy of ABC

Kasey got a tattoo to prove his “sincerity” to Ali, but the only thing it proves is that he’s totally NUTS!

The Bachelorette‘s Ali Fedotowsky, 25, has yet to realize the truth about 27-year-old Kasey Kahl, an advertising account manager from Fresno, Calif. — he’s crazy! Sure, she has a hunch this guy isn’t as “genuine” as he claims to be, but unfortunately, she’s not aware of the most recent stunt he pulled on the June 14 episode: He got a tattoo hoping it would help him win over Ali!

“Yesterday, I got a tattoo because I want to show her I’m genuine and sincere,” Kasey told the other guys competing for Ali’s heart. “I’ve got the shield protecting the heart, and “11 stones [to represent] the 11 guys Ali has chosen to be with!” What a wacko!

Kasey decided to get the tattoo after he went on a one-on-one date with Ali, but didn’t receive a rose. Instead, Ali decided to keep him around until the rose ceremony so that she would have more time to decide if he was actually being real when he said, “I’m here to guard and protect your heart.”

“I feel like you’re reading out of a story,” Ali said to Casey when she didn’t initially give him a rose. “I worry that the songs and everything, I worry it’s not real. I feel like I want you to be just Kasey for a second. Part of it doesn’t seem genuine to me, so I can’t give you a rose tonight.”

The LAST thing Ali needs to worry about is if Kasey is being sincere and genuine. She should be more concerned with the fact that he’s CRAZY. His new tattoo is solid proof that he’s totally off his rocker.

“There’s so much passion and heart in this and I want to show everyone in the entire world, especially Ali,” Kasey said. The only thing Kasey is “showing” is that he needs to be committed! Ali — watch out for this guy. He’s not mentally sound and we think he might be a threat to your personal well-being!

Ali ended up giving a rose to Kasey in the end at the rose ceremony. Yikes!

— Lindsey DiMattina

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