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Miley Denies She's A Train Wreck & Says She Doesn't Drink OR Do Drugs!

Fri, June 11, 2010 6:00am EDT by 6 Comments

Miley, you say you’re an innocent girl — but how do you explain making out with girls on stage while you’re wearing lingerie?!

Come on, Miley — stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes — you’re NOT that innocent! Doesn’t you new album title say — Can’t Be Tamed — say it all? Nevertheless, you told Ryan Seacrest you’re a clean cut, All-American teen. Yeah right!

“Drugs are for idiots,” the 17-year-old former Disney starlet told the KIIS-FM DJ June 10. “I look at people who that and think, ‘You look stupid.'”

Not only did Miley denounce drugs, she said she’s not ever going to be a big drinker either.

“My mom doesn’t drink ever. I’ve never seen my mom have a drink,” she said. “I’ll never say I’ll never had a drink in my entire life, because everyone goes through something, but I think there’s a very — there’s a right way to do stuff.”

Ryan was skeptical when Miley denied her “crazy streak”, and so are we. Miley’s anti-drug attitude is great, but acting like a goody two-shoes seems hypocritical after her behavior lately. In the span of one week, the singer has kissed two girls onstage and flashed her bra (as well as her underpants) multiple times.

If you really think Miley is as innocent as she says, watch her music video ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ – and tell us if you believe what she’s trying to sell!

–Kirstin Benson

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