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Katherine Heigl: What's With the Anita Bryant Look? What's Next: Orange Juice Ads and Public Bigotry?

Fri, June 11, 2010 2:01pm EDT by 13 Comments


Look, Katherine: We know you’re not in any way a bigot, a gay basher, or a disgraced orange-juice spokeswoman. Just, please: Try to avoid looking like one.

Perhaps you don’t even know who Anita Bryant is: She was a beauty queen who scored a few top 10 hits as a singer, including “Paper Roses” in 1960. But all anybody remembers about her now is her strident and self-righteous opposition to gay rights, and to anti-discrimination laws of all kinds.

So we know your best friend is a gay man (ex-Grey’s Anatomy castmate T.R. Knight) and you began the adoption process of a South Korean baby back in September 2009. Case closed — you’re no Anita Bryant.

But swallow the hard pill that our very own beauty editrix Marta Topran has dealt you with reference to your look June 9 at the Killers premiere:

I really am speechless at this odd, odd choice.

You don’t just want to avoid looking aged, you most certainly don’t want to look like Gay Enemy #1. Do it for T.R.’s sake.

— Will Lee

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