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Jon Gosselin, Why Would You Film Yourself Stoned? This Might Just Be The Stupidest Thing You’ve Done Yet!

Tue, June 8, 2010 9:15am EDT by 1 Comment
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Courtesy of

If you want people to think you’re a fit parent for your eight kids, this is NOT the way to go about it!

Seriously, Jon Gosselin, do you WANT us all to think you’re a mess? Because that’s all we can do as we watch this new home video from summer 2009 of you and ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman getting stoned in St. Tropez! obtained the shocking footage, and a source tells the site you and Hails were smoking spliffs (cigarettes half-packed with marijuana), which definitely explains your loopy demeanor. But let’s get real for a second, Jon — this is one of the STUPIDEST things you’ve done yet!

I hate to say this, but Kate Gosselin must be LOVING this! If there was any doubt in anyone’s mind as to which one of you is more fit to run your kids’ lives, I’m pretty sure this video is enough to sway them over to Team Kate. It’s no wonder we’ve been told you’re banned from Kate’s house!

And what would the tape be without your brilliant narration? You tell the camera: “We’re munching on Pringles here in beautiful St. Tropez, eating quality food because every time we eat, we either get swollen boobs or I s**t myself.”

Classy, Jon.

Click here to watch the outrageous video of Jon & Hailey stoned!

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