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Bonnie Says: Why K-Stew & R-Patz Had To Come Clean With Their Big Kiss For the Sake of Their Souls!

Mon, June 7, 2010 11:01am EDT by HL Intern 7 Comments


Big secrets are NEVER a mental health to-do! No one wants to feel dishonest, or feel like they have to be slinking around, hiding the truth about something that’s a big positive or negative in their life.

Secrets eat away at your insides. And clearly the secret about their relationship was eating away at Kristen and Rob.

That has to be the real reason Kristen was looking so glum for so many months. She may not have even been conscious herself of why she was wearing such a misery face in public.

How else to explain why now that both she and Rob have admitted in interviews that they are real life lovebirds, she’s been looking so happy and relaxed?

Imagine being totally crazy madly in love and you can’t let ANYBODY know! I mean maybe you can be open with your close family members and BFFs, but every time you step into public- and you’re in public A LOT when you’re Kristen and Rob and have New Moon, Remember Me and The Runaways to promote, you have to pretend to just be friends.

You have to constantly be denying something that is true. In other words- you have to LIE!

Lying about something positive in your life may not be as soul destroying as lying about alcohol, drug or sex additicion or an unwanted pregnancy.

But every big lie is a heavy, uncomfortable burden to carry around.

I’m not sure why  Rob and Kristen felt they had to lie about their romance- whether it was on the advice of their publicists or because the Twilight series film producers thought it would heighten interest in the movies, to keep people guessing, but lies are nevertheless lies. And with the 10 Commandments in mind, we’ve been raised since birth to sincerely believe that lying is wrong.

That’s why the Rob and Kristen’s come clean- kiss was such a big euphoric moment for them as well as their fans- us!

Bonnie Fuller

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