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Lindsay, If You Ever Want To Act Again, You Have To Follow These Three Steps! Hollywood Insiders Weigh In!

Tue, May 25, 2010 7:57pm EDT by 5 Comments

052510_lindsay_lohan_teaser_544_XXXX consulted with a director, writer, casting director, and producers to develop a three-step program that will make Lindsay Lohan an A-list star once again!

Lindsay, you’ve been spiraling out of control and we’re scared that short of winding up in jail (or worse, dead) — you’re not going to pull yourself together. Remember when you were at the top of your game? Six years ago you were FABULOUS in Mean Girls and now look at you — you reportedly can’t even get insured for B-list films! wants to help you out so we consulted with some of the top entertainment industry professionals in Hollywood and they ALL agree — you have the ‘it’ factor. Now all you have to do is follow these three crucial steps to make yourself a star once again.

1. Believe in yourself…we do!

I think Lindsay definitely has the potential to reach A-list status again because she is, or at least was, an excellent actress. — Hollywood director

She’s not done. Hollywood loves a comeback story — and so does the public. One of the hardest things a child actor is is to grow up — and she’s proven she can do that. She has the chops as an actor. She’s proven she can go from a child actress to a grown up actress — she has the looks and the chops to do it. — producer and former casting director, Lauren Lloydcreator of BigIsGood.TV

The reports of Lindsay’s career demise are grossly premature, in my humble opinion. Time heals all wounds. Lindsay’s success depends only on Lindsay’s dedication to pursue her career. The industry understands the delicacy of the artistic personality. It forgives transgressions. In the end, talent will [win] out. — Hollywood TV writer/producer, Dawn Ritchie

Lindsay has to start from the ground up — she did it once before, and she can do it again. I’m rooting for her. — LA-based feature film casting director

2. Get healthy

She also needs to get out of the public eye, and go into hiding by not partying, perhaps engaging in a low-profile relationship with a down-to-earth professional showing that she’s back on a healthy track. —Hollywood director

She’s got more than just growing pains. She’s been a star her whole life. She definitely has an alcohol and drug problem and if she doesn’t handle that, then she’s done. She has to get healthy. But look at Robert Downey Jr….he had his own personal growing pains. It’ll take a couple of years. — Lauren Lloyd

3. Do the work…and it’s okay if you’re not the lead right off the bat!

What needs to happen is for her to prove to one studio with a good script and a powerful role that she can show up on time and deliver when the cameras are rolling. — Hollywood director

She has to start choosing roles in good films. She needs to choose an environment where she’s doing things like maybe a real interesting role she’s never played before in an independent film with a director she believes in. She needs some support from Hollywood. — Lauren Lloyd

She should do an art house, dark indie film, I think. That crowd would welcome a mix-up and she could potentially give a fantastic performance outside her usual body of work. — LA-based feature film casting director

The industry has really changed. In the past, if you did commercials you weren’t even considered for episodic or film. Today, you can do reality, TV, advertising, features, have your own band, Web series AND perform on stage. The industry is much more fluid. I hold fast to Gene Simmons’ philosophy that as long as you are alive, you are in the game. Lohan has the “it” factor. She will survive. — Dawn Ritchie

–Kirstin Benson

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