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Bonnie Says Sorry BFF's — The Lost Finale Was One Disappointing Bust For Me!

Mon, May 24, 2010 11:30am EDT by 18 Comments
Courtesy of ABC

Courtesy of ABC

Finale by copout — that’s my opinion of last nights highly anticipated Lost finale. The island’s castaways turn out to be all dead! Dead!

After all they’ve been through — black smoke, time travel, torture by “others”, polar bears, sacrifice of their personal lives and loves — this is their reward. They all get to walk into the light together.

Come on! Clearly the show’s creator’s/writers wrote themselves so many mysteries that they didn’t know how to wrap up their myriad loose endings and intrigue story lines.

Instead, they came to one depressing conclusion — none of the characters who we grew to love EVER escaped the grip of the otherworldly island. Not the oceanic 6 who appeared to have been rescued nor Kate Sawyer and Claire, who appeared to have flown in the last episode.

So what happened? When did they die? And when did Penny Widmore die? She reappears DEAD at the end with Desmond? And what happened to Daniel Faraday’s mother?

Sorry Lost creators — killing off your characters just shows how you wrote yourselves into a holy or hatcy and you couldn’t write your way back out in one season.

There was really NO reason to have ended this fascinating show prematurely.

With another season or two, y ou could have tied this series up in a far more intriguing and inspirational way.

It just bums me out — all that creativity that went into naming leader Jack Shephard — his dad Christian Shephard, setting up Desmond as a Jesus character, and meticulously developing the numbers plotline — all thrown out for a quickie ending.

You might as well have had Jack waking up and it was all a dream.

Bonnie Fuller



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