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Jon Gosselin — Our Experts Say 'You're Pathetic AND Ruining Your Kids Lives' By Letting Your New GF Hang All Over Them!

Mon, May 24, 2010 3:13pm EDT by Chloe Melas 4 Comments

Jon, you need a WAKE UP CALL! We are so worried about your eight little Gosselins that we spoke with top child and family psychologists who tell us your behavior is causing serious DAMAGE to your children!

Jon Gosselin, we need you to listen very closely! We’ve been watching you hop from one young girlfriend to another over the past year, which in itself is a major problem BUT we never really cared until it started to affect your kids. You totally crossed the line last week by bringing you new girlfriend Ellen Ross, 23, around your eight children. What are you thinking?! She was hugging and kissing all over them! We spoke with two experts who tell us this is way too soon and dangerous for your children’s emotional health.

“When one parent brings a ‘replacement’ mommy or daddy into the equation, it makes the children more scared and angry, especially when this replacement starts fawning over them to garner points,” says Beverly Hills Psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman. “The Gosselin children are on psychological overload. Not only are they having to cope with their parents’ divorce, but now the parade of their father’s girlfriends – and all in front of cameras following them everywhere.”

Jon, this could cause your little ones to start resenting you and in turn they’ll probably start acting out! “When they see their parents with someone else it’s like a knife in their chest being slowy turned,” says family psychologist and host of VH1’s Dad Camp, Dr. Jeff Gardere.

You’ve only been dating Ellen for a little over a month so who knows if it will work out. Our experts say you should wait quite a long time before you introduce someone to your kids.

“A divorced parent should wait at least three months before introducing a new love interest,” says Dr. Lieberman. “More if they are not sure if this love interest is ‘the one’. Jon’s history of having a new ‘flavor of the month’, almost every month, so he should wait longer — at least nine months … the children should be spared the psychological trauma.”

Jon, Dr. Gardere wants you to come on his reality show when he does a celeb dad version! His new show follows six women who have a “deadbeat dad” and Jeff knocks them into shape … sounds like a good idea for you.

“First thing I would do is get him to break out of his denial and he would have to be smacked in the face,” says Dr. Gardere. “Men don’t heal they hoe … he is playing Russian Roulette with the kids emotions.”

“You are pathetic,” says Dr. Lieberman. “You’re letting your narcissistic need for attention overshadow what’s in the best interest of your children.”

Bottom line, you need to keep your conquests away from the kids because one day you’ll be left with eight children who won’t be a part of your life.

— Chloe Melas