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Bonnie Says:Stop Freaking Out Over Julie Bowen's Pic of Her Breastfeeding twins!

Wed, May 19, 2010 7:41pm EDT by 10 Comments

Is it really offensive to see a woman breastfeeding?

Is it even more offensive for a celebrity to show herself breastfeeding her twins, on national TV?

Julie Bowen, who stars in ABC’s Modern Family made this controversial move on The George Lopez Show on Mon, May 17th. Not only did she voluntarily give George the photo of sons John and Gus, who just turned 1, she also demonstrated how you hold twins and breastfeed both at the same time — it’s called “the double football hold.”

Julie couldn’t have been more charmingly candid about revealing what is a beautiful photograph of herself doing what comes naturally — “I had the picture and I hope you are brave enough to show it,” she told George. “It’s the end of my career.” There has been a report that when Julie appeared  earlier on The View, she wasn’t allowed to show the pic.But she did talk hilariously  to ” the ladies” about breastpumping, while driving!

Strangely to me, when we put this photo up on — we had some immediate emails — imploring us to take it down.

It’s offensive,” said one. “It’s too shocking,” said another.

But why? Why is a photo of a mom breastfeeding — something that has now been confirmed by numerous studies, as the healthiest way to feed your baby — either offensive or shocking?

Guess, those are the same people who want mom’s to get thrown out of restaurants for breastfeeding.

In the meantime, Julie, who also has a 3 year-old son, Oliver, looked AMAZING — in a short skirt — and honestly said what every working mom knows — working is a vacation. “Working is so much easier,” than being at home. Home is a constant onslought of tiny genitilia and poop,” she told George.

She spoke another truth — breastfeeding her twins has helped her lose weight. “It’s like two little liposuction machines on you. They suck the fat right out of you.. They’re doing God’s work right there helping me return to my birth weight,” she blabbed to George.

I say — thank you Julie. As a mom of four, your frankness and humor about breastfeeding, your boys poop and your inadequacy about remembering snacks and tushy wipes on a mom/kids hike, was highly welcome!

Ignore those breastfeeding phobics — I will too!

–Bonnie Fuller