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EXCLUSIVE: Designer Charlotte Ronson Spills On The Top Must Have's For Spring & Summer!

Wed, May 19, 2010 4:14pm EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis Add first Comment
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The super talented designer who’s a fave among the celeb set tells you how to work the hottest trends, shares what every girl should have in her closet, and spills on memorable shopping trips with her mom and her twin, Sam!

Want to learn how to mix patterns without looking like you got dressed in the dark? Not a problem! Who better to fill you in on how to wear the most covetable trends this summer than designer Charlotte Ronson? We got to catch up with the savvy Charlotte, who’s busy juggling two lines, (there’s Charlotte Ronson and her diffusion labels, I HEART Ronson, (for JCPenney)), where she shared her style must haves, talked about the dreaded task of cleaning out her closet, and even offered up some memorable shopping moments with her mom, and twin Samantha Ronson! And, believe it or not, even talented designers have, “Why did I wear that?” moments!

What are the biggest trends this season?
“For summer, I think little miniskirts, layering, and mixing and matching prints.”

What are your staple must-haves?
“A good army jacket, a great pair of jeans, and a fun flirty black dress. You can’t go wrong!”

I’m a huge fan of mixing patterns, but for some people it can be tricky. What’s your advice for pulling off the trend?
“I think staying either in the same color range or tone, or one bold and one ditzy is always nice. Or working with all kind of little, minimal, soft prints is easier.”

What’s one trend you regret following?
“I’m trying to think, baby-doll dresses were probably not the most flattering, if you weren’t pregnant! I mean I’m sure I’ve done a lot worse, but that’s the first thing I remember seeing pictures of myself, and being like, ‘Why did I wear that?'”

Do you have a cherished item in your closet you could never part with?
“There’s a lot! I’m trying to go through my closet, and there’s still just so much in there. I don’t like to get rid of anything, because you never know, you might want to wear it. It’s hard too as a designer, you want to keep all your pieces, but then you would need an extra apartment just for all your stuff! I mean there’s just so many things that I keep that I probably shouldn’t. There’s favorite sweatshirts and the perfect t-shirts that are practically falling apart because they have just been worn with love, you know?”

Any memorable shopping moments?
“It [shopping] was always something fun. If I was being good I could go out with my mother, and also being a twin, you know shopping with your twin…well, I don’t know if those are such fond memories! But it [shopping] was always a bonding experience with my mother. Being younger, I would want to help and if I picked out something and she liked it it was such a big deal if she picked out what I had chosen for her! If I was good I would always get something, but my mother was always like, ‘Do you love it?’ and I was always such an indecisive person and would end up with nothing because I didn’t know if I ever really loved a piece or not!”

-Katrina Mitzeliotis



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