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Oh No! Kate Gosselin's Haters Can't Stand That She's Coming Back For the Dancing With The Stars Finale!

Mon, May 17, 2010 11:14am EDT by 4 Comments
Courtesy of ABC

Courtesy of ABC

Not Again — The DWTS Kate Haters are back!

Hooray for us viewers and the ratings  watchers– Kate Gosselin’s back on Dancing with the Stars for the finale shows next Mon. and Tues., May 24th and May 25th.

But while us viewers had a big yawn watching Nicole Scherzinger get her perfect scores — ratings have dropped 17 percent, according to Rob Shuter at PopEater, who spoke to an ABC executive — the members of the Kate Hate Club behind the scene at DWTS, have their knives back out.

They can’t stand that while Kate can’t dance, we all love to watch her two left feet woodenness!

“Everyone, especially Kate’s old dancing partner Tony, are dreading the return of Gosselin to the dance floor,” reports Shuter. “Kate comes with a lot of drama… She tortured Tony and you don’t even want to know what she put the show’s hairdressers through. The day Kate was voted off, everyone was celebrating backstage.”

Well, if that’s the case, then I’m wondering who exactly is doing the celebrating — is it the hairdressers? The makeup artists? The costumers?

It’s certainly not all the other contestants. Not unless they ‘re not just backstabbers, but liars too, and I doubt that they are blatently lying. After all Erin Andrews, spoke out on the show on April 6th,  saying that “Kate and I are constantly texting and checking-up on eachother throughout the week to see how the dances are.” And Pam Anderson told The Insider: “She’s nice to me, she gets her hair done right next to me. She’s always really pleasant. We talk a lot about kids.”

In any case — if there is a backstage DWTS Hate Kate Club, then they are a bunch of jealous whiners. They should all be thrilled to have big ratings and should be cheering that Kate will be back for a ratings boosted DWTS grand finale.

So Kate, ignore the nasties! Do your backstage backstabbing critics have two of their own shows debuting? They wish!

–Bonnie Fuller



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