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VOTE: Is America Being Over-Sexed?

Fri, May 14, 2010 10:25am EDT by 14 Comments

This week we watched a video of Miley Cyrus giving a man twice her age a lap dance.

We saw the Miss USA contestants strip down to their skivvies in a porny photo shoot and even came across a video of scantily clad 7-year olds doing a very PG-13 dance to Beyonce’s Single Ladies. Is it all just too much?

Sexed up culture comes and goes in cycles. One day it seems like sex is everywhere and the next everyone is all buttoned up. What we’re worried about this time is that the hyper-sexed epidemic seems to spread from adults to very young girls.

Miley Cyrus was just 16 at the time she was video-taped grinding on her 44-year-old Last Song producer Adam Shankman. (Who, it should be pointed, out, is openly gay. But — still.)

When it comes to Miley’s lapdance and the seven-year-old Single Ladies, there don’t seem to be any adults trying to regulate. A representative for the World of Dance Competition where the Single Ladies dance was performed says he doesn’t see anything provocative about the performance.

“It was the very first WOD event I had ever attended, and I can tell you the cheering and screaming you heard on the video was from other parents and dance teams that were just blown away by their dance performance and precision. There was NOTHING provocative about what they were doing,” spokesman Larry Peters told AOL PopEater.

And Miley’s dad Billy Ray Cyrus just shrugged his shoulders and said, “It’s what people her age do.” It must not be what all people her age do, because according to reports some parents grabbed their kids and left the party because they didn’t want to expose them to that kind of thing “people her age do.”

It just seems like overkill. Every morning we wake up to a new scandalous video or photo shoot where ladies seem to be wearing less and less clothes. Miley and the women of the Miss. USA pageant should be using their platforms to show off more than their bodies and sexy dance moves. Or else we’re going to see a lot more trickle-down sexiness like the 7-year-old Single Ladies.

What do you guys think? Does the oversexing need to be dialed back just a bit?

– Jo Piazza