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EXCLUSIVE DETAILS! We Got ALL the Scoop on Miley & Justin's Sushi Date! You Won't BELIEVE What Made Miley Squeal 'OMG! OMG!'

Thu, May 13, 2010 11:18am EDT by 11 Comments

We know you’re all DYING to know what happened during Miley & Justin’s big dinner … especially who picked up the hefty tab!

The blogosphere literally exploded when news broke that Miley Cyrus, 17, and Justin Bieber, 16, had dinner together May 10 at West Hollywood restaurant Ari-Ya Sushi — but only has the exclusive details about what went down between two of the world’s biggest pop phenoms… including who paid for dinner!

It might surprise you, but neither Miley nor Justin paid for their sushi dinner, the Ari-Ya Sushi staff tells us exclusively. It was all taken care of by one of their handlers who stayed with them for the whole meal. In fact, the couple had at least three other people sitting with them at dinner. (It wasn’t exactly the cozy dinner for two everyone suspected.)

And here’s another shocker for you: the staff had no idea who the superstars were! At one point Miley’s single “When I Look At You” came on the radio, and the staff had to be told by other diners that the singer was really the same girl they were serving!

Miley & Justin shared various sushi plates, including one they just HAD to try: the “OMG Roll.” The second Miley spotted the item on the menu, she started joking about it in her best Valley girl accent. “Like, Oh my God! The, like, OMG Roll. We, like, so need to get it! OMG!” It was fun and playful. As always, she was just being Miley.

All you Biebettes (and Liam Hemsworth) can breathe an enormous sigh of relief, because we’re told the little get-together was all business. No love. No googly eyes. Nothing.

Click here for video from Miley & Justin’s big night out!

— Russ Weakland

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