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EXCLUSIVE! Lee DeWyze Believes He Has A Chance To Win ‘American Idol’ & He Can Count Me As A Believer, Too!

Sun, May 9, 2010 4:30pm EDT by 25 Comments
Courtesy of Fox

Courtesy of Fox

While we were hanging out in LA, Lee said he actually believes he has a shot at winning American Idol — which is a big change from the shy, unconfident guy I was expecting!

Never, ever would I have thought that I would be hanging out with the four remaining Idol hopefuls, let alone be joking around and becoming pals with them! But today stars aligned in my favor, and I got to hang with Lee DeWyze, Crystal Bowersox, Big Mike Lynche and Casey James at the American Idol Studio in LA. Sweet!

Betters are predicting a Lee/Crystal finale, and I can see why: the guy is utterly devoid of ego, but so cool and collected. When he talked about his future as a winner, it sounded like he really BELIEVED (finally!) good things will happen.

“The thing is, there are so many talented musicians and artists out there. Us four have been given such an opportunity and I am grateful for it, and it feels amazing. I can’t wait to see what the next thing, because it is all new to everybody,” the 24-year-old said May 7. “We never know what the next thing is going to be in the grand scheme of things, for me being here is like, just wait for the next thing, whatever that is you know. So, its amazing!”

The coolest part for me (dawg) was seeing that, although he has this great opportunity and will most definitely have a successful career in music, Lee is still just a normal dude. Before being led into the studio to chat with reporters Friday, Lee struck up a random conversation with me, quipping, “How is the outside world these days!!”

During our chat, Lee seemed antsy, playing the drums on his knees, before issuing me a challenge I couldn’t refuse. “I’ll give you $500 dollars right now if you can pick up this piece of metal with one hand,” he said. Unfortunately, I wasn’t that strong (neither was he) and we had a good laugh about our weakness.

But to me, that kind of sums up Lee. He’s not afraid to reveal his insecurities, which makes him more of a confident contender than anyone really realizes. In fact, his shy normalcy reminds me of Carrie Underwood‘s refreshing honesty before SHE won American Idol – and look what she’s gone on to do!

Oh yeah, and ‘m sure you’re wondering how the other Idols were behind-the-scenes. Let’s just say this: my impression from Casey James is that he thinks he’s going home next week, Big Mike Lynch is getting a bit too big for his britches and as for Mama Sox? Well, that cat is just too cool for school, in a good way. My money’s still on Lee, though!

— Russell Weakland

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