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Betty White, You Did NOT Disappoint On 'SNL' — We Loved Every Minute!

Sun, May 9, 2010 9:23am EDT by 3 Comments

The coolest old lady on the planet solidified her title with a hilarious hosting gig on Saturday Night Live!

When Betty White, 88, first poked her head into last night’s Mother’s Day sketch on Saturday Night Live, the audience freaked out and cheered — and she deserved every minute of their praise! When I found out Betty would be hosting SNL I was worried she might be limited because of her age, but she appeared in tons of sketches and brought that adorable Betty White charm to everything she did. She even made me feel stupid for using Facebook! (“Now that I do know what [Facebook is],” she said during her opening monologue, “I have to say — it sounds like a huge waste of time.”) Oh, Betty, you’ve still got it.

It was especially nice to finally have a funny host, after suffering through snoozers like Ryan Phillippe and Gabourey Sidibe. Keep listening to your fans, SNL — we know how to pick ’em!

Here are some of my favorite Betty sketches from May 8:

Mother’s Day sketch:

Betty joins the cast of “MacGruber”:

Betty on “Weekend Update” as Dotty O’Donoghan (90 is SO the new 50):

BFFs, did YOU love Betty on SNL as much as I did?