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Spencer Pratt, Why Are You Happy To Hear Heidi's Mom Is Facing Foreclosure? That's Messed Up!

Fri, May 7, 2010 10:24am EDT by 16 Comments


How could Spencer be so heartless? If he keeps going the way he’s going, there will be no one left in his life!

Spencer Pratt must have completely lost his mind! Yesterday, May 6, he went off on his wife Heidi Montag‘s mom Darlene Egelhoff — and even taking joy in her struggles and misfortune!

TMZ reached out to Spencer for a reaction to the news that a Colorado bank is foreclosing on Darlene for $187,385.62 which she owes on a $189k loan she took out in 2006 to buy a piece of undeveloped property. “If that’s true … that is the best news I’ve heard all day long,” Spencer said. How heartless!

We get that Spencer is peeved about how Darlene treated Heidi after her 10 plastic surgeries — on the season premiere of The Hills, Heidi broke down in tears when her mom called her ugly — but that doesn’t excuse his rude commentary!

“Anybody who would do what she did to her daughter — my amazing, beautiful, magnificent wife Heidi — on national television … should be put in a straight jacket,” Spencer said.

That was completely out of line for Spencer to assume that he has such righteous moral superiority over her. Yes, what Darlene did was wrong, but Spencer’s actions are much worse. Heidi is going to forgive her mom one day, because words said in the heat of the moment do not ruin a person. But, for Spencer to leave a family member out in the cold during such a time of financial turmoil is detrimental.

If Spencer keeps going the way he’s going — cutting off all ties because of the hateful way he treats people — there’s going to be no one left in his life. And, what happens if a situation like this gets reversed and he’s the one who needs money?

We can tell Spencer one thing, NO ONE is going to be there for him!

– Lindsey DiMattina



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