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EXCLUSIVE! Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey LOVE Justin Bieber — 'That's My Little Man,' Says Nick!

Wed, May 5, 2010 10:27am EDT by 4 Comments
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Who knew Nick & Mariah were such huge fans?

Justin Bieber melts the hearts of everyone he meets. “That’s my little man,” Nick Cannon told EXCLUSIVELY at the NYC premiere of Queen Latifah‘s new movie Just Wright on May 4. “I helped bring that youngster up in the game. I was one of the first ones to kind of co-sign him. My man Usher discovered him, from then I was like, ‘This little kid is the truth.’ Mariah loves him. He’s an entertaining, cute little kid. I love kids!”

Nick and Mariah Carey even want to have a cutie patootie of their own “one day,” Nick confessed. It will happen “as soon as we calm down and as soon as you all stop asking, probably!” AWW! Sorry Nick, we just couldn’t resist.

Until that happens, “Mr. and Mrs. C.,” as Nick and Mariah refer to themselves, are just enjoying their life together. “Wake up in the morning tell them that you love them first thing,” Nick advises to all couples. “Start your day with that, your good. [Also,] have fun. If you’re not having fun, you shouldn’t be married!”

As we know, Nick is very good about having fun with Mariah and playing the role of adorably sweet hubby. Just this week, Nick gave her a ring that looks like a Ring Pop, but it’s made out of diamonds and sapphires (our expert estimates that it cost about $50,000) and guess what — “It also turns into a necklace as well,” said Nick.

Wow, it sounds like Nick definitely earned the special treat Mariah gave him in return this week. She “made me breakfast in bed — oatmeal,” Nick gushed. And “yeah,” she cooked it herself!”

And as if the two of them could get any cuter, Nick also admitted that he’s totally obsessed with his wife’s song “Love Story!” “That record,” he said, “pretty much if you listen to the whole track, it’s us!” OMG adorable!

Mariah and Nick even have their own private inside joke that always makes them crack up. “Saying KKLB [is our thing], Nick laughed. “And NO, I will not tell you what that means!

BFFs — do any of you know what those letters could possible mean to Nick and Mariah? We’d sure like to know.

We hope Nick’s summer adventure is as entertaining as he hopes. “The thing I am most excited about this summer is that I’m going on a stand-up tour. I’m excited about that,” Nick told us.

We’re sure Nick will get plenty of laughs, but if not, he can always turn to his “candy fetish” to find satisfaction or blast his all time favorite song, “Fire and Desire” by Rick James to help him feel good inside again.

— Lindsey DiMattina