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Tiger Is Even More Childish Than You Thought! Just Wait Till You Hear The Pick-Up Line He Used On His Mistresses!

Tue, May 4, 2010 9:37am EDT by 40 Comments
Courtesy of NBC,

Courtesy of NBC,

Prepare to lose what little respect you still have for Tiger!

Tiger Woods‘ mistresses are still talking, long after their affairs with the golfer ended — and we’re all still listening! The latest bombshell, dropped by stripper Cori Rist in a new Vanity Fair interview, is that Tiger used an off-color pick-up line to entice his mistresses — and he even did it in front of other people! WARNING: the pick-up line you’re about to read is X-rated and racially offensive… not to mention totally lame.

According to Cori, Tiger used to rub the tips of his shoes together and ask, “What’s this? … It’s a black man taking off his condom.” YUCK! Tiger, you have even less class than we thought. We know you’re a low-life, but there’s really just no need for that kind of talk.

Cori goes on to describe their encounters as “passionate — fireworks,” which I think is is a surprisingly tasteful way to describe the chemistry between a scumbag and one of his many mistresses. Another fun fact: after sex, Tiger apparently liked to eat Fruit Loops and watch cartoons — like a little kid!

She says he got way too attached, texting her constantly with questions like “Who’s with you?” and “Are you alone?”

But his attachment seemed to loosen up when it came to sleeping arrangements. “We’d watch TV and hang out on his side [of the bed],” Cori tells the mag. “But he was really weird about me sleeping in his bed.” She says he made her sleep on the other end of the hotel suite every time they were together.

BFFs, what do you make of all this new information? We all knew Tiger was a liar and a cheater — but now he’s even more childish and inappropriate than we suspected! Elin Nordegren, stay in Sweden as long as you can!