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Oh Tiki! You're Pathetic To Come Out Swinging Against Your Pregnant Bed Rest Bound Wife!

Thu, April 29, 2010 2:17pm EDT by Chloe Melas 8 Comments
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Tiki, you really thought your pregnant wife of 11 years would wait before she served your cheating behind with divorce papers?

Tiki Barber, 35, not only did you cheat on your beautiful wife Ginny Barber, 34 with a former NBC intern 12 years your junior, Traci Lynn Johnson … you left her while she was eight months PREGNANT with your soon- to-be-born twin girls! Now, Ginny has finally filed for divorce and you have the nerve to bash her? You deserve more than just to be let off the hook with divorce papers … you should pay for what you’ve done!

A source close to Tiki’s inner circle tells the New York Daily News that Tiki was “surprised” when he heard Ginny filed for divorce. “He was absolutely under the impression they were holding off on divorce filings until after the kids were born.” Are you kidding? Ginny felt as though she was being “low-balled” in the financial settlement however, a pal of yours tells the New York Daily News this is “nonsense.”

“All Tiki wants is a fair and reasonable settlement that takes into account where his life is today not 2006 [when he was a hotshot New York Giants running back].”

Also, Tiki is trying to get joint custody of their two sons A.J., 7, Chason, 6 and almost born twin daughters. You’re accusing your wife Ginny, of trying to “limit input” when it comes to the custody arrangement. Tiki, we’ve never heard this — if you hadn’t left your wife you’d see your kids all of the time. YOU chose to leave!

Don’t you think your wife has had enough stress? You’re more concerned about gallivanting around NYC with your 23-year-old mistress. You’re wining and dining her instead of being with your children and bed ridden wife!

Thankfully Ginny is okay — “There have not been any complications but her doctor said it’s safer for her to stay in bed,” says a source. But still, “aside from visits to her doctor, she’s confined to her apartment.”

Tiki, you used to talk about how your own cheating father abandoned his family when you were just 4-years-old … we guess you haven’t learned your lesson at all!

-Chloe Melas



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