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Hey BFF's – Brad Calls Jen Pathetic!

Thu, April 29, 2010 1:23pm EDT by 119 Comments, Fame Pictures, Fame Pictures

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Bonnie Says: Brad you’re pathetic for slamming YOUR ex

Wow Brad — you may be a guy but you’re being ridiculously catty about your ex-wife Jen. Actually Brad, maybe you’re being catty because you are secretly a “girly-man.” You’re a “girly-man” because you’re oh-so into architecture and design. One of the last straws on your marriage to Jen was when you tried to make her sit on a steel toilet in that $18 million house, you two renovated for years and never moved into.

Anyway, apparently you think Jen is “pathetic” because she appeared on the March 2010 issue of Architectural Digest, according to a report in Us Weekly, you think Jen’s being a phoney because she had the gall to showcase her newly renovated and redecorated Beverly Hills home in the high falutin’ magazine. Brad said Jen was “never into architecture when they were married. It was his hobby, and she even made fun of him for it,” an Us source claims.

Brad also believes that they only reason that the notoriously private Jen did the Architectural Digest feature, was to get her ex’s attention. “She knows he reads the magazine,” and in fact Brad himself and his reconstruction project in New Orleans, was featured on Architectural Digest’s January 2009 cover.

Here’s what really put Brad’s nose out of joint: Jen “always liked this simple white, shabby chic stuff and never cared how their place looked. Now she has this immaculate house — with a piano? And it’s eco-friendly? She never thought about that stuff before. Brad feels this is all so desperate.”

“Desperate.” Really Brad — Isn’t that a really harsh assesment of your ex-wife of five years? And why would you care at all about how Jen has decorated? You don’t own the cover of Architectural Digest even if architecture is your hobby and you’ve also been featured in Elle Decor and W magazines with your homes.

I agree with you that Jen certainly has copycat aspirations — you and Angie had BIG movie careers. She was a TV star and wanted a BIG movie career. You had sophisticated tastes — she wants to be seen as stepping up from her formerly simple girl tastes.

But give the girl a break. YOU left HER Brad, you rejected her for Angelina. How could she not have a HUGE complex about that? Subconsciously, don’t you think she’s been trying to “fix” the parts of herself that you found lacking. I think that’s normal and you should be above slamming her for being a “me too” girl.

Furthermore Brad, I think that kind of cattiness has such a girly girl ring to it — I bet you’re echoing the worlds of another female in your life — yes Angelina.

I can just see her say to you — “honey.. don’t you think Jen is being p..tic?

So Brad, stop it now and be happy with your new woman, your 6 kids and your own fabulous homes. I’m sure you have lots more Architectural Digest covers in your future!

–Bonnie Fuller

Bonnie Says! Jen, Your House Is A Copycat of Brad’s House!

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