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Jon Gosselin- Thank G, You Finally Came To Your Senses & Dropped Your Custody Suit!

Fri, April 23, 2010 1:10pm EDT by Chloe Melas 3 Comments

Jon, I have to say I’m pleased to see you attempting to get along with your ex wife Kate AND stepping up to take care of your eight little ones!

Jon Gosselin, you actually said AND did the right thing! Not only did you fire your wacko blabbermouth attorney Anthony List — you admitted to TMZ that you never really wanted to get  primary custody of your eight little Gosselins- you just wanted to have more liberal visitation rights.. Now we’re talking! You’re starting to make some sense because filing for custody was absurd to begin with!

You hired Anthony because he was a friend of your fathers’ but after he filed the custody lawsuit against your ex-wife Kate Gosselin which was filled with errors, you realized you’d made a poor decision. You tweeted Apr. 22 that you fired Anthony Apr.and a source close to you tells us you’re furious with Anthony. “Jon is really upset because what Anthony has been doing is illegal,” says our source. “He’s threatening to file a a suit with the bar association,” against Anthony.

Jon — I have to tell you I’m happy to hear you’re ridding yourself of people that make you look like nothing more than a big dope. AND I’m over the moon that you’re looking for a job! “I’m trying to find a job … I would like a job in some aspect of TV, probably as a host.” Well … let’s not get ahead of ourselves!

I know you’re saying you can’t afford the $22,000 a month child suport so you’re trying to make some extra cash by selling your BMW but maybe you should run out and grab a 9-5 in the mean time … just a thought.

Jon, you’re making steps in the right direction and it’s about time!

-Chloe Melas