Donald Trump: 'I Was Surprised Jesse James Never Brought Sandra On 'Celebrity Apprentice'

Jesse James appeared on The Celebrity Apprentice 2 in 2009 and the show’s creator Donald Trump says he never understood why Jesse didn’t bring Sandra on the show.

The Donald tells it like it is! The brains behind NBC’s The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice Donald Trump went on ABC‘s The View Apr. 23 with his gorgeous wife Melania Trump to discuss his daughter Ivanka‘s wedding but of course host Barbara Walters got him talking about Jesse James‘ affairs! He admits when the Monster Garage star competed on the celebrity version of the show in 2009 he was pretty surprised that Jesse never brought his wife Sandra Bullock around. “Most people would bring their wives on to help them win,” says Donald. “I was surprised he never brought his spouse onto the show.”

What does Mr. Trump (who’s been married three times) think the reason is Jesse kept Sandra off the show? “Maybe he was with someone else [at the time].” It turns out he WAS!

According to Donald, Jesse who has been linked to 4 different mistresses was very quiet and hard to get to know. “He’s a tough guy,” he says. “Sullen and quiet … but he’s a very smart guy. I thought he had this fantastic love for Sandra.”

Chloe Melas