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Oh Elin — You're Right — Tiger Parties As Soon As You Leave Town!

Tue, April 20, 2010 3:23pm EDT by 16 Comments
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Getty Images,

Wow! Did Tiger actually push the plane out of the hangar with Elin and the kids on it, before they took off for Sweden?

He might as well have! Tiger Woods clearly was shedding no tears over his humiliated wife Elin Nordegren and two babies Charlie, 1 and Sam, 2 leaving on a trip to Sweden.  Just hours after they took off, Tiger was back to his old habits — out for dinner with a group of people at a local Orlando restaurant bar, according to The site reports that Tiger came in with a group of people, and restaurant employees were instructed not to discuss Tiger’s appearance.

Now, to be fair, Tiger wasn’t seen picking up any women or having any members of his team recruit any lovelies for later.

BUT, it just seems awfully disappointing that the moment Elin jets off he’s back to doing what he clearly used to do all the time — going out and having a grand ole time with his pals. And you know what? One old habit can lead to another! He’s putting himself into temptations way, and no doubt with same group of guys he used to dog around with.

I doubt Tiger’s sex addiction counselor would approve of him getting back in the party groove.

Well Elin — you knew your man. No wonder, as reported, you’ve pretty much given up on this marriage.