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‘American Idol’ Behind-The-Scenes! Ryan Seacrest Is A Stand-Up (Comedian) Kind Of Guy!

Thu, April 15, 2010 12:25pm EDT by 5 Comments

While filming a pre-taped segment for “Idol Gives Back” last night, the American Idol host had the audience – including me! – in stitches. HollyWho-Knew he was so hilarious?

Seriously, Ryan Seacrest is freakin’ FUNNY. The American Idol host had me giggling like a schoolgirl while he shot a segment for “Idol Gives Back” April 13, especially when he channeled his inner Glambert, talked about his love for the ladies…and confided what he REALLY thinks about Justin Bieber.

The 35-year-old is the king of endless one-liners. In between jumping around the stage like a firecracker was lit under his butt, Ryan fielded questions from the audience. “What do I smell like? Drakkar Noir and Scope,” he laughed. When asked about his height, the notoriously tiny host said, “6’9, but on TV I look a lot shorter. No, actually, I’m 5’8 – but my shoes tonight make me 5’8 and ¾. I don’t wear lifts, but one of the judges does. Guess who?”

He continued to crack jokes about pal Simon Cowell, laughing, “Here’s an Idol secret: every time [there’s a commercial break] Simon goes out to smoke….No, really, he’s like a big brother to me…but we all know he gets pissy. It’s the old age.”

While breaking to do an Adam Lambert impression, Ryan had some back and forth with stage manager Debbie. “He’s annoying,” she said, while Ryan smiled toothily and confided to the audience, “What she calls annoying I call charming!”

He discussed his love life, as well, putting those pesky gay rumors to rest. “I do date girls!!” he announced. “I walk it right up ‘the talk’ and then I back away. But when do I have time to date? [Ladies], I’ve got 7.5 minutes. What do you want to do?”

Finally – when Ryan was finished shooting his pre-taped segment with Russell Brand and Jonah Hill (the Get it to the Greek co-stars set up a fake celebrity phone bank and only managed to get Slash, octomom Nadya Suleman and the recently single Jim Carrey to participate) – he confessed his love for Justin Bieber.

“I love Justin Bieber. I’m a ‘Biebette’,” he quipped, before launching into Glambert’s song “What Do You Want From Me” yet again.

What do I want from you, Ryan? Right now, I’m thinking you should add stand-up comedian to your repertoire – that would DEFINITELY make me happy!


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