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Bad News 'One Tree Hill' Fans! Sophia Bush Signed On For A New Show Next Season!

Wed, April 14, 2010 3:47pm EDT by 3 Comments
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The show hasn’t been canceled yet, but it’s a bad sign when the lead actress makes plans to join a new series!

I’m thinking Sophia Bush, 27, doesn’t have TOO much faith that The CW will renew One Tree Hill for an eighth season next fall. According to The Hollywood Reporter, she just snagged a lead role in Southern Discomfort, a comedy pilot being pitched to ABC. The good news is that if One Tree Hill does get renewed for the fall, Sophia is committed to doing it, and Southern Discomfort will have to find another actress.

Even before Sophia’s new role was announced, things weren’t looking good for One Tree Hill. The CW has already announced most of its returning shows for the 2010-2011 season, and the veteran drama is reportedly battling it out with newcomer Life Unexpected for the last slot. There are four episodes left in the season (and possibly the series) for One Tree Hill, which comes back to The CW on April 26.

If it gets picked up, Sophia will star on Southern Discomfort as a Harvard graduate named Haley who moves back to her small hometown in Texas and meets up with her old boyfriend. Playing her parents are Miami Vice star Don Johnson and the ridiculously hilarious Mary Steenburgen.

Sophia’s new gig bums me out for two reasons. Not only am I still keeping my fingers crossed that One Tree Hill will live to see another season, but I’m also not sure I’m ready to see made-for-drama Sophia star in a comedy.

But for the sake of playing devil’s advocate, if it really is One Tree Hill‘s time to die (seven seasons is still a heck of a run) I’m glad Sophia is moving on to a show on a major network. Say what you will about teen soaps, but Sophia is a talented actress. Few deliver a slap like Brooke Davis, and while I’d like to see her slapping people around on another drama, it will be interesting to see how she fares on a comedy series. Brooke has made me chuckle more than once during the show’s run (as well as in the ground-breaking comedy powerhouse that was John Tucker Must Die) so I have faith she’ll do well for herself.

As a thank-you for reading my entire rant, here’s a sneak peek at the remaining four episode of One Tree Hill:

What do YOU think — Are you still holding out hope that One Tree Hill will be back next season, or are you ready to see Sophia take on a new, different type of role?

— Andy Swift

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