EXCLUSIVE! Kristen Bell Had A Major Red Carpet Breakdown And We Were There!

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So … this is weird. We were at a red carpet event last night, and out of nowhere, Kristen Bell starts hysterically crying — right in front of us!

We’ve spent all day trying to uncover what Kristen Bell was so upset about April 12. HollywoodLife.com saw the Couple’s Retreat actress on the red carpet for the Good Housekeeping ‘Shine On’ event at The New York City Center, and right as we were about to speak to her, she burst into tears! We’ve called her reps for an explanation, but since they are refusing to get back to us, we are just going to go ahead and tell you what we saw.

It all started when Kristen was approached by a young brunette girl, who is the assistant to Dr. Mehmet Oz‘s wife, Lisa Oz. The girl tapped Kristen on the shoulder, Kristen turned around, and started SOBBING! We mean, like, major waterworks. And then they embraced for what seemed like forever.

We don’t know how Kristen and the girl are connected, but she does have two half sisters and four step-siblings … so we do think this girl is probably related to her in some way.

But Kristen, what happened!? It did seem like they were tears of joy — but we can’t figure out who this girl was, or what made you cry so hard when you saw her. (Again, your publicists are not returning our calls or explaining anything to us.)

When Kristen finished her hugging/crying session, we asked if we could speak to her, but … she told us, “I have to fix my makeup.” It was SO BIZARRE. BFFs can you explain? Why do you think Kristen was crying when she saw this girl?

-Chelsea Warlick & Chloe Melas

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