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Bonnie Says! Sandra – File Divorce Papers Now! Run From Jesse & His Nazisms, Like He's The Plague

Mon, April 12, 2010 4:16pm EDT by 19 Comments
Courtesy of TMZ, Inset: Getty Images

Courtesy of TMZ, Inset: Getty Images

Sandra, forget his cheating! How Jesse can really hurt you is with his Nazi-loving ways!

Sandra— You need to put as much distance between yourself and your despicable husband of 5 years, as possible. The ever-increasing revelations about his ties to Nazism, will begin to hurt you and your clean-as-a-whistle reputation and career, if you don’t make a clean break.

A disturbing photo of Jesse surfaced a couple of weeks ago with your husband in an SS hat, making a Nazi salute. Now, in a new story posted by RadarOnline today, a source claims that Jesse had a copy of Hitler’s horrific anti-Semitic screed, Mein Kampf in his West Coast Choppers office, as well as a Nazi uniform; which hung there. Plus, he carried on an 11- months affair with Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, who has a swastika tattooed on her nether regions and a portfolio of photos shoots in Nazi regalia. The associations between Jesse and Nazism just keep piling up. And as they pile up Sandra more and more people will inevitably begin to wonder how you Sandra couldn’t have known about his sick obsession.

Listen Sandra, Hollywood clearly forgives drug and alcohol abusers and even cheaters. What it doesn’t forgive is anti-semitism and racism. Witness, the near-demise of Mel Gibson‘s once stellar career, ever since he uttered drunken anti-semitic slurs to Jewish police officer James Mee who arrested him on July 28, 2006 on suspicion of driving under the influence.

“Anti-semitism is a very serious, touchy subject in Hollywood- it’s the kiss of death to be seen as an alleged anti-semitic or alleged racist. There’s a very big Jewish community in Hollywood,” points out Michael Sands, a prominent Hollywood image consultant. “If Sandra gets caught up in the middle of this it can be a rear-ender, career-ender,” he warns.

The fact that Jesse’s attorney has lamely excused the photos of Jesse making a seig heil salute and wearing the SS hat, as just a”gag”, will do nothing in the minds of Hollywooders to soften their opinion of James. His behavior will be viewed as unconscionable, insists Sands and I agree. What reputable TV producer will ever want to work with him again!

Now Sandra, I believe that you knew NOTHING about Jesse’s “other” life. I believe you were blinded by love, by concern for his kids, by the normal trust that a wife expects to have of her husband. And what normal woman who could never even imagine this netherworld of tattooed porn stars, strippers, dirty texts and neo nazi regalia, that Jesse inhabited. You also had a demanding career and could well have been just a tiny bit in denial. ” She only saw the the bad boy qualities in him that were alluring and not the really bad stuff that also made up who he is,” believes psychiatrist, Dr. Carole Lieberman.

But Dr. Lieberman also believes that the more revelations that come out about Jesse’s predilection for the Nazis, the more people may find it harder to believe that she knew nothing about this.

It’s unfortunate for Jesse that April 12th happens to be Holocaust Remembrance Day , reminding Hollywood of just how vile his secret obsession is. Sandra- you’re like the glorious Titanic. You don’t want your toxic iceberg of an ex, to take you down by association!

I’m warning you too, Sandra. Lose this loser or you may kiss your career good-bye!

— Bonnie Fuller


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