Kenny Chesney Says His Marriage To Renée Zellweger Ended Because He ‘Panicked!’

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Have you ever ended a relationship because it was totally stressing you out?

Kenny Chesney finally opened up about his quickie marriage (and even quicker divorce) to Renée Zellweger — and who better to spill his guts to than Oprah? “I panicked,” he admitted to the queen of daytime April 9, before going on a fairly confusing rant about his theory of life, which includes a “box” that he feels the need to “protect.” But amidst all his rambling, Kenny did manage to produce one coherent, and lovely, thought — that after everything was said and done, he still considers Renée to be a “sweet soul.”

Kenny and Renée were married in May 2005 and announced their annulment the following September, citing “fraud.” Though Kenny admitted he’d like to try marriage again one day, he said, “the idea of marriage made me lose my identity,” a sentiment Oprah can definitely relate to. During their conversation, she recalled a proposal she once received and how the whole marriage concept didn’t work in her mind either.

And while Kenny may be living single, we all know Renée has found love with her new man, Bradley Cooper! They’re a match made in schlubby heaven, and we couldn’t be happier for them.

Click here to watch the video of Kenny’s interview!

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