EXCLUSIVE! Brody Jenner Will Have A Faux Love Triangle On ‘The Hills’! His Real GF – Avril Lavigne – Should Be Furious!

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Avril Lavigne is dating Brody Jenner in real life. So why did we witness producers shooting a fake fight over The Hills hottie in LA last night?

While Stephanie Pratt danced and blew out the candles on her 24th birthday cake April 9, some of her castmates were definitely NOT celebrating. In fact – in what seemed like a scene scripted right out of a – well, TV show – Kristin Cavallari and a no-name brunette seemed to be fighting over resident hottie Brody Jenner. But where was Brody’s real-life girlfriend, Avril Lavigne?

HollywoodLife.com was on the scene to watch a fake ‘fight’ go down with Brody, 26, and a sultry brunette because he was allegedly getting too close to his ex, Kristin, 23.

Brody and Kristin were hanging out for most of the night on a banquette at the Beverly Hilton Hotel’s Bar 210, but didn’t seem to be interacting other than on a ‘friend’ level. There was some joking and casual behavior, but the atmosphere wasn’t sexually charged AT ALL.

As the cameras rolled, Brody ‘appeared’ to be flirting with the brunette, who walked away after they had a ‘fight.’ Cue Brody and Kristin chatting – and ‘walking out’ of Bar 210 together for some alone time. In reality, we caught Brody walking one way, and Kristin walking another.

Meanwhile – DRAMA! The brunette complained to pals that she was ‘soooooo over’ the situation with Brody. The birthday girl ( who actually turns 24 April 11th) and Holly Montag, 26, stood at their table discussing the faux dramz. Kristin and Brody eventually returned from their ‘time’ (time spent alone, that is) looking cozy.

Later, we overheard Kristin telling a pal in private, “I don’t like [Brody] in that way. Really.” Yeah, we know.

But here’s the rub: in reality, Brody is dating pop-punk singer Avril Lavigne, 25. In fact, we’ve caught the two cuddling and kissing up on one another for weeks now. The couple was spied making out during a drive around LA on April 7, cuddling over drinks at Hollywood’s Sunset Marquis on April 6 and partying with new Captain America Chris Evans on March 22.

Guess producers have to invent an onscreen relationship for Brody on The Hills final season because his real girlfriend won’t appear on the show!

— Kirstin Benson

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