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Say WHAT? An Expert Thinks Tiger Hit A Hole-In-One At His Press Conference Today!

Mon, April 5, 2010 4:52pm EDT by 4 Comments


Do YOU think Tiger Woods scored at his Masters Tournament presser, or do you agree with the staff? We think he swung — and missed!

Contrary to our popular opinion, an expert thinks Tiger Woods actually knocked it out of the park at his first free-for-all press conference on April 5!

“I give Tiger an ‘A’ for this press conference. He was very down to earth and very straightforward,” image expert Michael Sands told immediately after Tiger’s 30-minute Q-and-A session at the Pre-Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia. He added, “I couldn’t have schooled him better.”

Sands has repeatedly criticized the 34-year-old golf pro for being too rehearsed and guarded with the press, but he says today Tiger showed some new colors.

“Personally and professionally, he did perfectly. You have to give the guy credit…he really showed remorse,” Sands explained. “He did come clean. He sat down with no paper; he really wasn’t guarded. This is what he should have done the first time around, but maybe he really wasn’t ready.”

Tiger — who shocked the world when news of his multiple extramarital affairs broke last November — is seemingly back in the game now that he’s competing again professionally and even speaking with the press — but will he ever piece together his shattered public image?

Sands thinks so.

“They say it isn’t over until the fat lady sings…the fat lady DID sing today,” Sands said, adding, “I think Tiger will be full-steam ahead now.”

–Kirstin Benson

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