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Cameron Diaz, You Should Be Supporting Your Neighbor Sandra Bullock During Her Divorce!

Mon, April 5, 2010 8:30pm EDT by 1 Comment,,

They may not be BFFs, but an etiquette expert says Cam should still offer Sandy a shoulder to cry on as she prepares to end her marriage to cheating husband Jesse James.

Cameron Diaz, not even in my wildest dreams can I imagine how awkward it must be for you to live next door to Sandra Bullock right now. What can you say to a woman to whom you’re not really all that close to console her after she discovered her husband was a lying, cheating scumbag?

I mean, you’ve got to do SOMETHING. You both have A-list friends, you’re up for the same parts, you’re both comediennes — never mind the fact you live in the same West Hollywood neighborhood. Chances are you’re going to run into one another at Chateau Marmont sometime or another. So how SHOULD you act towards Sandra? Should you offer an ear so Sandy, 45, can bitch about husband Jesse James cheating with an alleged four women? Or should you send a fruitcake and avoid her like the plague? If you’re conflicted, stop worrying now! I chatted with Emily Post‘s great-great-grandson — who also happens to be a renowned etiquette expert — and he laid out exactly what you need to do in this nerve-wracking situation.

“There are two types of etiquette that apply here: etiquette around a divorce and etiquette around neighbors,” explains Daniel Post Senning, Emily Post’s great-great-grandson and moderator of Etiquette Daily. He admits, “The two conflict just a little bit. During difficult times, friends can be someone people lean on. This is a time when friendships really matter. However, one of the things that makes a good neighbor during difficult times is not being too nosy. You know how to give people around you enough space so they have privacy.”

Cameron knows what it’s like to go through several high-profile break-ups — she went through messy splits with both Jared Leto and Justin Timberlake — so she knows a thing or two about personal privacy! Luckily, neither of her men publicly cheated like Jesse, 40, who was called out by In Touch Weekly March 17 for his affair with stripper Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee.

“If they are really two people who live near each other, then it’s probably important to respect that privacy,” Post Senning says. “If they have a good friendship established, it’s appropriate to send flowers and a ‘Thinking of You’ card.” Otherwise, “[Cameron] might contact [Sandra] and say, ‘The impact is undeniable, is there anything I can do to help?'” he suggests.

This IS a tricky situation! What would you do if you were Cameron?


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