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I Love Suri's Adorable Slippers! Katie, THIS Is How A 3-Year-Old Should Dress!

Sat, April 3, 2010 2:16pm EDT by 6 Comments (2) (2)

Suri, aren’t you so much happier wearing shoes that don’t hurt your little feetsies?

Katie Holmes, I was so happy when I saw little Suri Cruise, who is about to turn four on April 18, finally out of those high heels! This pair of pink piggy slippers looked MUCH MORE comfy (and age-appropriate) on Suri’s tiny feet during your day out in New York City on April 2. Suri, I think you should keep sporting this cute, youthful look. Trust me, you will have PLENTY of time to deal with the PAIN of high heels when you’re older.

I know you love your high heels, but I think your new fashion statement is simply adorable! I wish I could could wear my pajamas and slippers around for a day on the town, but sadly it stops being cute when you’re all grown up.

BFFs, are you as happy as I am that Suri is finally dressing her age, or do you prefer her in her little high heels? Vote below!

— Lindsey DiMattina