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SANDRA, OUR EXPERTS TELL YOU: “Jesse James Would Have Kept Cheating. He Is A Cheating Addict!”

Fri, April 2, 2010 4:53pm EDT by 3 Comments


Thank God someone let Sandra Bullock in on Jesse James’ little secrets when they did, because Jesse would have kept cheating on poor Sandy for the rest of their marriage. How can you identify a cheating addict like Jesse?

There is a big difference between cheating addicts and sex addicts. A sex addict is addicted to being with lots of different sexual partners. A cheating addict is in it for the thrill. The cheating addict LIKES the danger, the chase and the possible threat of getting caught. He has low self-esteem and his fear of abandonment leads him to boost his self-esteem by seeking relationships outside of his marriage.

Jesse James sabotaged his relationship by cheating because he was expecting Sandra Bullock to eventually realize she made a mistake in marrying him. Since he expected Sandra to dump him, he cheated to give her a reason to dump him,” says Beverly Hills psychiatrist and relationship expert Dr. Carole Lieberman. “The root of the problem is Jesse’s underlying self-esteem and his not feeling man enough. Why else would his whole world be about big motorcycles, big garages, big tattoos and big numbers of women to cheat with. Clearly, he feels ‘little’.”

And Jesse was so addicted to cheating he couldn’t and wouldn’t stop.

“Jesse James would have kept cheating on Sandra Bullock. He is a cheating addict,” says Dr. Gilda Carle, relationship expert and author of How to Win When Your Man Cheats. “At least she found out when she did because it never would have ended. A cheat is a cheat is a cheat!”

Dr. Carle says that if Sandra should have looked out for these signs that she was with a cheating addict:

  • He has a history of broken relationships.
  • The person is noncommital about his whereabouts.
  • When he’s with you he’s always looking around, probably for something better.
  • His history with women is shady.
  • His friends and family not value their relationships.

– Jo Piazza with reporting by Chloe Melas


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