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So Sad! A Source Says Lindsay Lohan & Mischa Barton 'Are Hitting Rock Bottom'

Wed, March 31, 2010 4:16pm EDT by 17 Comments,,

After major embarrassments, Mischa Barton & Lindsay Lohan are facing the lowest point of their lives, according our source. What happened to these girls? And do you think they’ll be able to make a comeback/

Two young, promising actresses both hit a new low in their tumultuous lives last week. Lindsay Lohan, 23, and Mischa Barton, 24, “feel so alone” and “are looking for attention,” according to a Hollywood insider.

And some of that “attention” has come in the form of embarrassing and humiliating situations. On Mar. 24, Lindsay caused a paparazzi firestorm when she tripped and fell into a cactus outside a pal’s house in Hollywood. (The fall didn’t stop her, she stayed there, partying until 5 am.)

A few days later, Mar. 27, Mischa Barton was reportedly seemed “out of it” and “threw-up outside” Bar Marmont in West Hollywood.

The insider, who is familiar with both actresses, says, “neither of them have really taken a look at what their lives are like now. They have been addressed by friends or confronted about their issues … but they somehow convince themselves they are fine. They’re not. They’ve hit rock bottom.”

It’s true that these public, out of control actions are a far cry from these actress’ better days — like when Lindsay had her hit movie Mean Girls, and Mischa was reveling in her role on the popular hit show The O.C.

Lindsay “lives in a world of denial,” said the insider. “I believe some of her actions (like getting powder all over her shoes) is for attention. She says she is fine,” says the insider. “But she’s lying.”

Lindsay went to rehab three times in 2007, reportedly for alcohol abuse, after being arrested for a DUI. Mischa also voluntarily checked herself into rehab in 2008.

So what happened? Why are they still in this state? And why are these girls, who were once so successful, starting to fall apart at the seams? “Mischa started in the industry so young, and so did Lindsay.  But at 16 and 18, nobody was controlling them,” said the source. “Nobody told them ‘no’ when they were teenagers.”

That’s probably why the parents of Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus go everywhere with them!  “When Lindsay and Mischa passed the phase of having ALL the attention, and then suddenly not being wanted by anyone, they were just so alone. So they are looking for that attention back — and they will just do anything to get it,” the insider reveals.  “And it’s the saddest thing.”

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