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Uh-Oh! Kristen Stewart Is Getting A Reputation For Having A Dirty Mouth!

Mon, March 22, 2010 8:50pm EDT by 6 Comments
Getty Images

Getty Images

And you probably thought Rob “I don’t always love to shower” Pattinson was the dirty one!

Don’t be fooled by Kristen Stewart’s role as innocent Forks teen Bella Swan, because K-Stew can definitely curse like a sailor! According to director Chris Weitz, when it comes to swearing, every single New Moon cast member pales in comparison to Kristen. (Which is pretty impressive, given that most of the main players in the second Twilight Saga film are vampires!)

In fact, The Runaways star swears so much, the filmmakers created a digital ‘bin’ to store all her curses — kind of like when your mom made you pay a quarter every time you said something bad! Sadly, it doesn’t sound like we’ll ever get a listen. “I think that blooper reel would take us into NC-17 territory,” Chris tells “I don’t think that’s what Summit Entertainment had in mind in terms of extras.” Yikes!

And while Kristen, 19, wins the award for having the dirtiest mouth, her fellow New Moon-ers aren’t exactly PG-rated. “Those kids have some mouths!” laughs the director. That is, everyone but hunky 17- year-old Taylor Lautner, who, according to Chris, “was always well spoken.”

We wouldn’t expect anything less from Taylor – but we’re frankly pretty shocked by Kristen. She looks so sweet!

Are you surprised that Kristen Stewart has the dirtiest mouth??