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EXCLUSIVE! Find Out What Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee Is Really Like! We Spoke To The People Who Know Her!

Sat, March 20, 2010 5:03pm EDT by 7 Comments spoke with friends of Michelle’s ex-husband and several of her former co-workers to get you the inside scoop!

You’ve seen countless pictures and heard some pretty crazy stories, but we bet there’s still so much you want to know about Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, the woman who allegedly had an affair with Sandra Bullock‘s husband, Jesse James. So spoke with the people who knew and worked with Michelle to figure out what she’s all about. We first spoke with a friend of Michelle’s ex, Ronald Shane Modica, who had some unsurprisingly negative things to say about the tattoo model. “Michelle is f*****g nuts,” he told us. “I hate that girl. She is seriously crazy.”

“She’s that girl that, even if you don’t know her, she has a negative presence when she walks into the room,” he said. “No one likes her. … I have no clue where someone like that hangs out. Probably just the strip club. She’s insane. She has serious issues.”

He doesn’t doubt for a second that Michelle came out with the story in an attempt to become famous. “I think she may have actually liked [Jesse], but after seeing Tiger [Woods] and the attention those girls got, I’m sure she figured, ‘Why not?’ … I know Shane wants money. He’ll talk for the right amount of money. I mean, he was married to that girl and they have a f*****g kid. He’s got the answer to every question, I know it.”

Shane’s friend also told us what Michelle and Shane were like as a married couple. “They were happy,” he said of their marriage’s early days. “And then he realized the type of person she is — f*****g crazy. … He’s been a lot better off since the divorce.”

A former co-worker of Michelle’s at the Pure Platinum club in San Diego, Calif., had a much more positive view of Michelle. In the six years he’s worked at the club, he’s seen a lot of people come and go, but Michelle left a distinct impression on him.

“[Michelle is] one of the most down to earth coolest chicks I know — well, for the strip club scene,” he told us. “She’s super cool. She’s always loved the limelight, though.”

When asked if he thinks Michelle did all of this for attention, he told us “she doesn’t seem like the type to go to that extreme, but then again, most girls [at Pure Platinum] all want to be actresses or date someone rich.”

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