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Michelle McGee's Ex-Husband Seeks Emergency Court Order To Get Custody Of Couple's Son

Fri, March 19, 2010 4:48pm EDT by Add first Comment

Do YOU think Michelle “Bombshell” McGee should keep custody of her five-year-old son Avery? Her ex-husband, the child’s father, makes shocking allegations in court papers obtained by

Jesse James‘ alleged mistress Michelle “Bombshell” McGee may have walked away with a reported $30,000 for leaking her story to In Touch weekly, but was it worth it? The stripper’s ex-husband is so worried about the well-being of the couple’s five-year-old son Avery that he even asked a San Diego judge for primary temporary custody.

According to court papers filed today, Friday, March 19, and obtained by, Michelle’s ex, San Diego tattoo artist Ronald Shane Modica, claimed that Michelle was “involved in a national incident that threatens our child with harrassment [sic].”

In papers, Modica claimed that he got “an urgent phone call from [McGee] that I needed to pick our child up and ‘protect him’ because of a breaking storing [sic] between her and Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James. She was afraid that the paparazzi would harass our child … [McGee] told me that she was going to hide out at an undisclosed location.” (As of this afternoon, Mar. 19, McGee has not yet been spotted by the press.)

Apparently, according to his court filing, Modica has gotten plenty of unwanted attention: “The reporters and photographers are everywhere. They are following me, asking for statements … giving me veiled threats unless I give them my side of the story.” Modica is worried that McGee “will bring these curiosity seekers and glory hounds down on herself and Avery, totally confusing him and frankly scaring him.”

Ronald had been feeling that Michelle wasn’t a fit mother for quite some time – he filed paperwork on Jan. 27, 2010 citing his grievances.

UPDATE: Ronald Shane Modica’s request for primary temporary custody was denied today, March 19.

If you want to see what he said about Michelle in a bid to prove she shouldn’t have custody of Avery, look below to see some of the allegations Ronald made against Michelle!

• “It seems as the years go by, Avery’s [the couple’s 5-year-old son] mother slips more and more into stripping, pills, alcohol, and performances she does online and pornography she has brought into her home.”
• “There have been pornographic broadcasts from her house. My son refuses to go into his mother’s house. He fights violently and screams, yells, cries and begs not to go. I feel like there is more going on there beyond the other outrageous actions she has taken.”
• “There are coffins in the living room and child-block magnets on her refrigerator that spell out ‘white powder.’ Her son is Jewish and she thinks it’s funny when she makes the Nazi salute.”
• “She is supposed to take medication for her bi-polar disorder bur she doesn’t.”
• Avery tells me ‘Mommy and roommate Lindsay make him get their beer from the fridge and force him to open it for them. It’s hard to believe a 5-year-old would make that up.”

Modica explained to E! News,”I’ve known about all this, everything. I think it’s a horrible thing for a person to do, “She told me she’s made the money and she’s planning on taking off so I’m like, ‘What do I do?’ “


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