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I'm Not A Bad Girl, I Swear! Watch This Video & Learn How I’m Lap Dancing To Lose Weight!

Tue, March 16, 2010 2:00pm EDT by 2 Comments
I'm Not A Bad Girl, I Swear! Watch This Video & Learn How I’m Lap Dancing To Lose Weight!

After watching Martha Stewart do it (and do it well – HollyWho-Knew, Martha?!) I’m trying out S-Factor — Hollywood’s sexiest stripping workout!

When I hear the words ‘lap dance,’ I immediately think of dark rooms in the sketchiest strip clubs in town. So when I walked into my second lesson at S-Factor and my instructor, Christina, informed me it was “Lap Dance week” I was a nervous wreck.

After watching Christina demonstrate the dance I was about to learn, I felt about as confident as Alice when she first opens the door into Wonderland. Yeah, that good.

First things first, stripping is tough work. Holy cow. (Rather, sexy cow.) I was sweating like a beast trying to squat down, shake my hips, hold in my stomach and look sexy at the same time.

But you know, after practicing the moves a few times, I started to let go and actually have fun. I named my invisible client, George (S-Factor asks you to do it for a man you love. I don’t have one, so ‘George’ it is), and chided him for looking at my butt. Oh, the fun.

But seriously, even though S-Factor creator Sheila Kelley had explained it to me countless time before, it wasn’t until I was crawling on the floor, seducing my invisible friend that I realized how empowering it is to really know my body. I felt sexy – and had a blast!

To top it all off, two days later, I can still barely move. My entire body feels like I spent hours in the gym, when in actuality I was just having fun in a totally comfortable setting and getting to know another side of myself.

But it doesn’t stop here, friends. Watch out for me next week — I’m going to conquer the pole!


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