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EXCLUSIVE! Spencer’s Got a New Job, And New Partner Says: ‘With A Hand Gun He’d Be Very Hard To Beat’

Mon, March 15, 2010 3:08pm EDT by Add first Comment


Can you believe the villain of reality TV has taken it upon himself to fight cyber crime? Guess he’s a good guy after all!

In a plot twist we doubt even MTV producers saw coming, reality star Spencer Pratt is ditching his TV career and partnering with American Defense Enterprises to fight online crime! has all the exclusive details about the reality’s villain’s latest venture.

“Spencer heard a speech from Obama about the cyber attacks, and got incensed by it,” Bill Beasley, the head of American Defense Enterprises, told us March 15. “He wanted to do something. He’s looking to partner with me to create a division to protect the US. He contacted the Pentagon and is actually putting a lot of his own money into this. His primary motivation is patriotism.”

Now Spencer has started his new project, he’s taking a leave of absence from the small screen. “In the last few months I have discovered a new passion and new purpose to my life,” the 26-year-old reality star told People magazine. “With this in mind, I have decided to take a break from my obligations to MTV’s The Hills and discontinue filming any more episodes for this current season.”

According to Beasley, Spencer, first started training with American Defense Enterprises two years ago after he and his wife, The Hills starlet Heidi Montag, received death threats. Spencer wanted to be able to protect his family, and after excelling in the classes, signed on to become an instructor.

“Spencer is a very good shooter,” Beasley explained. “Truthfully, with a hand gun he’d be very hard to beat by anyone.”

Spencer Pratt, shooter extraordinaire? Oy vey.

Beasley then revealed additional details about Spencer that took us by surprise and had us asking ‘HollyWho-knew?’ “He’s a voracious reader,” Beasley said. “World affairs, politics, mounds of power, history — I’ve never seen anyone read as much as him. Normally if you’re at his place, you can see it’s covered with books.”

We’re still pinching ourselves — this patriotic bookworm sounds nothing like the Spencer Pratt we love to hate!

“I don’t think you’re seeing what you think you’re seeing when you see Spencer,” Beasley confided gently.

Don’t mess with our heads, Beasley! Everything you see on reality TV is true, right? Right???

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