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Corey Feldman On His 'Best Friend' Corey Haim: 'He Had Nobody To Turn To'

Thu, March 11, 2010 9:22am EDT by Add first Comment

Corey Feldman was widely known as Corey Haim‘s other half, and the actor spoke out about living with his drug-addicted friend on Larry King Live last night. Feldman opened in detail about what it was like to watch his friend and co-star battle drug addiction for many years, until his death on Mar. 10.

Feldman also described his friend as lonely, broke, destitute, saying Corey “had nobody to turn to.”

Calling himself Corey Haim’s “best friend,” Feldman lambasted those who were not there for Haim during his low points. “He very much felt that … he had nobody to turn to,” Feldman said. “I was one of the few people he had left in his life.”

The actor, who grew up with Haim, also said, “I appreciate the fact that everybody really cares … But at the end of the day, Larry, where were all these people the last 10 years, the last 15 years of Corey’s life? Corey was living in the Oakwood Apartments with his mom, very broke, very destitute … it’s a month to month living. And he [didn’t] have anything. He didn’t even have a car.”

Feldman spoke openly about living with Haim while he battled drug addiction. “We all are aware of the fact that Corey Haim had a long and detailed drug history. And — and battled addiction for many, many years,” Feldman confessed to King. “I know it better than anybody, because I’ve been the guy stuffing charcoal down his throat when he was O.D.-ing. I’ve been the guy trying to make him, you know, stand up, or — or say a complete sentence. I’ve been there with him through it many, many times. And it — it’s happened very badly, and very intensely through the years on many occasions.”

But Feldman insists Haim had cleaned up his act over the past months, while helping his mom battle cancer. Not yet referring to his friend in the past tense, Feldman says, “Most recently he’s been honestly in the best frame of mind that he’s ever been in in the past year. I mean, I would say with his mom battling cancer, he’s really showed up. He’s really become a man. He’s been there. He’s been there for her. Taking care of her. Being responsible.”

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