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Jake Pavelka Denies Affair With Ex-GF! 'I Did Not Cheat On Vienna!'

Fri, March 5, 2010 9:16am EDT by Chloe Melas 1 Comment



Even though Jake’s ex-girlfriend claims they carried on a relationship after the taping of The Bachelor he claims it’s all not true! Do you believe Jake?

Jake Pavelka wants the world to know he’s not a cheater! An ex-girlfriend of Jake’s went on the That Guy Kramer radio show in Panama City, Fl., yesterday, alleging she and Jake had an affair AFTER he proposed to Vienna Girardi on The Bachelor — but Jake says NO WAY!  “There was no overlap with that or any other relationship during the show,” he said in a statement to Entertainment Tonight. “It is unfortunate that people such as this are trying to financially capitalize on or disparage my incredible relationship with Vienna. I only wish everyone could be as happy for us as we are happy together.”

The woman who has remained anonymous claims she has text messages, phone record, and pictures to prove she’s telling the truth. “Jake says, ‘I’m such a wonderful guy … when the going gets tough I’m going to be there,” she says. “None of his actions back up anything.”

The woman told radio host Steve Kramer she and Jake dated for five months and she is shocked he went on The Bachelor. She also claims Jake was forced to propose to Vienna. “When you get down on one knee and propose marriage to someone I take that very seriously,” she says. “The fact that he did that exclusively because he was instructed to do that, it disappoints me so much.”

She says her friends and family met Jake and they all knew they were dating. “Enough people know that we were dating,” she says. “He came to my hometown, met my family, met my friends and deceived everyone. And I feel like I’m forced to say something for the sole purpose of defending my honor.”

Steve tells he’s seen the ex-girlfriend’s photos, but he’s waiting to see the text messages, and phone records. “Once she allows me to release this audio anything you believe about Jake and his relationship about Vienna will be totally thrown out the window,” he says. “Why did he decide to go on the show? That’s the shocker!”

— Chloe Melas

Do you believe Jake?